Can eating too much make you age faster?



Overeating may lead to excess workload for your digestion which may cause gas and bloating. It can also accelerate the aging process. The normal process of eating and digesting will produce free radicals which will be accentuated by overeating. Free radicals are molecular fragments that damage your cells and genetic material by oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is one of the culprits behind accelerated aging.

Free radicals are generated by many factors such as drinking alcohol and sunlight exposure. They are also the by-product of your metabolic wear and tear. This means the higher the caloric intake, the faster you age.

One thing you can do to stay youthful and healthy longer is to maintain a healthy portion size. This will keep your digestion healthy and help combat premature aging. However, starving yourself for too long will not keep you youthful. Under-eating will deprive you of nutrients and antioxidants that are needed for defense against oxidative stress.

Rid yourself of calories you don’t need, such as free radical producing processed sugar and alcohol, and replace them with colourful antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables.

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