Counting Calories is So Yesterday

Great news, in case you didn’t know, there is no need to count calories or points to lose weight. That’s time consuming and ineffective in the long run.

It really doesn’t matter what diet you follow. You can choose to be on a carbohydrate-rich diet, on high protein diet, on a ketogenic diet, on a eat-pomegranates-on- Sundays-while -standing-on-one-leg diet (ok that last one was just to see if you are still paying attention), it doesn’t matter.  All you need to do is choose real foods and eat mindfully and you will lose weight and will keep it off. That’s what we believe here at Weight Well.  And now a new research published in the Journal of American Medical Association shows this as well. In this study, the type of diet or the participants’ genetic make-up were not a factor in the success of their weight loss. What mattered was the quality of food that was chosen.

In our video, The Secret To Permanent Weight Loss, we also talk about the diet not being important. We talk about the importance of whole nutritious food and not counting calories.

Here are our three golden rules for successful weight loss:

  1. Eat whole foods: If it comes in a package it probably has been processed.
  2. Eat slowly: This is a great way to feel full while eating less.
  3. Eat until you are satisfied but not stuffed: Listen to your body. When you feel like you are no longer hungry, simply stop eating. The excess pleasure calories you consume are what packs on the pounds.

Low calorie, low carbohydrate diets do help shed weight faster, but the goal is to be consistent and not regain the weight.  If you don’t have a deadline for your weight loss goal, choose eating whole foods mindfully and ditch the diet mentality.  It’s just a nicer way of bringing out the best of you.

Please consult your health care practitioner before starting any weight loss program.

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